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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 8, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. governor brown taking action to put brakes on gas prices which again saw all-time highs over the weekend. sue thompson is in emeryville. >> reporter: good morning. still the big story here is that gas prices where we are in emeryville just under $5. governor brown now taking action to and bring these prices down.
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the governor wants refineries to go ahead and start producing what it calls a winter blend mix of gasoline and he want them to do that immediately. the governor says it is cheaper to produce and typically, that winter blend mix is not for sale until the end of the month. given skyrocketing prices he wants to do something immediately. this recent surge is to blame for a number of refinery problems in california, power failure in southern california and chevron fire in august. all contributing to those high prices. latest prices released from aaa this morning are just out, take a look at this, this is what has happened in the last week, if you filled up, you know it. san francisco $4.74 up 47 cents in a week. oakland up 49 cents.
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from a week ago. san jose 50 cents. analysts predict once that winter blend mix of gasoline begins selling we definitely could begin to see prices fall. >> if it is right, that would have a major impact on the price of gasoline, increasing our spwhraoeus by 8, 10% would be plenty to bring down california prices to norm app relationship to the rest of the country. >> reporter: the big question is how soon will we see prices fall? analysts are predicting that it could take a week or so. until then, we will probably continue to see prices under the $5 mark. sue thompson, abc7 news. they are cleaning up this morning around oakland city hall after occupy protesters combined with anti-war protesters went on a vandalism spree last night. they broke windows and damaged cars from 14th and telegraph,
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6:00 last night, targets included city hall, police recruiting station, several banks and other businesses plus cars. police say they were not prepared to move in and make arrests without outside help. demonstrators dispersed before help could be brought in. amy hollyfield is there now. she will bring a live report in 30 minutes. authorities city some of the protesters took part in a violent street march saturday. police arrested 20 after marchers vandalized businesses, cars and other property. police say some threw rocks and paint at officers. protesters demanding an immediate end to u.s. wars, occupieses and military assaults are planning a -- occupying shuns and military assaults are planning a rally where president obama will appear this afternoon.
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then a celebrity dinner and concert where the protest is planned. traffic restrictions put in place near the hotel and civic auditorium. the president will announce establishment of cesar chavez national monument this morning. >> mitt romney moving his campaign from florida to virginia. preparing to deliver major foreign policy speech at the virginia military institute in lexington. he's expected to propose u.s. take a more assertive role in syria, tighten sanctions on iran he's looking to paint president obama as a weak leader who has limited influence on global fairs. early voting in california begins this morning. vote by mail begins 29 days before the election, today. go to your down -- today is
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columbus day that means some offices will be closed. october 22nd is deadline to register. anti-domestic violence advocates will gather in front of san francisco city hall to urge the board to remove suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi from office. tomorrow the board will discuss whether to follow the commission's recommendation. he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor involving his wife eliana lopez. mayor lee suspended mirkarimi in march, saying the sheriff was unfoyt remain in office. -- unfit to remain in office. a man under arrest after police say assaulted a woman in golden gate park. officers say he grabbed her around the waist, she broke away and wasn't hurt. police chased the man and pepper sprayed him when he resisted. humane society workers say
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cats rescued from a burning home will have to be euthanized. two cats and dog died from smoke inhalation. hugh pain society says the owner surrendered the other 12 cats. the humane society says the animals had not been properly cared for and had health problems. giants and a's trail two games to none and have backs against the wall in playoff series. giants travel to cincinnati today, a's home. the reds hitting against giants pitching they got to bumgarner early last night. 1-0. shut out the giants going seven innings giving up one hit, giants lose 9-0. they have to win the next three in cincinnati, starting tomorrow night to stay alive.
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in detroit a's had the lead several times, homer in the 8th to put a's ahead, tigers scored bottom half, game tied, in the 9th bases loaded sacrifice fly scores walk-off win for tigers a's lose 5-4 and face elimination at the coliseum tomorrow with another loss. the drama is building for you pumpkin fanatics. the annual world championship pumpkin weigh-off begins in less than two hours. kicks off half moon bay art and pumpkin festival there's big competition and we mean big. last year's winning gourd set a new california record, 1,704 pounds. unfortunately, these huge gourds aren't much good for making pies.
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they are going for a ton this year. >> they usually get a little bland and tasteless when they get that big. >> had you pumpkin pie from gourds that big? >> no, just a sample. kids off, they may head out to the coast. half moon bay last couple weekends gorgeous, a lot of the sunshine, that's what you are going to expect today, the weigh--off -- going to be chilly, in the 50s. right now, fog along the coast, no fog around the bay inland fairly clear and calm for the most part, a breath out of southeast three at hayward. a little onshore breeze temperatures today will be slightly cooler than questioned, low right here and moisture moving away in the form of green.
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moisture to the west, going to pick up some of that and bring it towards us, that's why we'll see an increase in high clouds during the afternoon temperatures below average once again, 40s and 50s now, 50s and 60s by noon, 60s and 70s by 4:00, jacket weather by 7:00 in the 50s and 60s. low going to come closer and start to slide south. tuesday, wednesday best chance of any shower activity, not a great chance, around the monterey bay and south. temperatures coolest on wednesday. good morning. east shore freeway pass golden gate fields through berkeley, emeryville, light traffic moving nicely towards the macarthur maze. north 101 near capital expressway in san jose stall pardon stkphe but cleared to the right -- new report of accident eastbound 3 connector to north 101 in the south
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san francisco, san bruno area blocking a lane there. back to the lafayette area that is our waze app, pleasant hill road southbound closed between spring hill and deer hill due to downed wires from an accident last night. crews backing off and saying that will not be cleared until 9:00 this morning. if you are -- major thoroughfare southbound pleasant hill road you want to go geary to north main to get on 680 to get back to highway 24. you can download this free app, 5:11. two of china's high-tech giants coming under fire from congress. the wait is just about over. one of the nation's most popular retailers gets set to open in san francisco. one of the u.s. arch rivals will be around for a
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while longer results of the presidential election in venezuela. will and kate try to put photos behind them. what. first, here's this morning's america's money report. good morning, topping america's money, threat of another global recession new numbers show world's recovery on the ropes because of economies -- brightest spot is the u.s. economy. california taking emergency steps to bring down its record gasoline prices. gas costs more there than anywhere nell the country. refineries have the greene light to switch to winter blend. fewer people are sending greeting cars thanks to the internet hallmark closing fact -- closing a fact
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golden gate bridge looking fine, no worry for sprinkles today. mike has a change in forecast. sue looks at traffic coming up. this morning congressional committee warning u.s. government agencies and private industry to avoid doing business with china's two leading tech firms. report warns that the
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companies pose major security threat to the united states. year long investigation found the companies are influenced by the chinese government and the telecommunications gear they sell may be compromised. the report to be released this morning vices recollection lay fors to block attempts by the -- two companies to expand in america. cupertino-based apple not responding to conflicting reports about problems at foxconn where iphones and many other gadgets are made. foxconn denies workers staged a strike friday to protest conditions. advocacy group says there i was work stoppage that temporarily paralyzed production. workers set to be upset with tighter standards imposed. venezuela's president chavez has won reelection. people were celebrating in caracas overnight it is his closest race yet after a
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bitter campaign in with it opposition accused him of unfairly using venezuela's oil wealth and total control of state institutions to his advantage. chavez has ruled that country for 14 years. hundreds of venezuelan nationals were able to vote at the consulate in san francisco yesterday. they later learned that venezuelan counsul declared chavez the winner with 54% of the vote for another six years. will and kate this week made their first appearances since her topless photo scandal. they have four days of events in london and northern england. their first public outing since last month's southeast asia tour. during that "time" magazines published topless photos of kate. royal watchers say the ordeal may boost her popularity if she is stein as stoic and strong. cruds expected -- crowds expected wednesday when store
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opens the store occupies the second floor of the metreon complex. new target store will be the first in the city and it opens 7 a.m. and will cater to downtown shoppers buying food and smaller store items. coming off a warm weekend for this time of year. things will definitely be cool, next couple of days probably coolest in the forecast logos closer and tries to bring a chance of rain not that good monday morning. 5:18. clear sky over downtown san francisco. live doppler 7 hd is clear everywhere even to the coast lacking clouds this morning whether you are to the south with radar on mount omnium or to the north on top of mount
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st. helena if sprinkles develop over the next 24 to 48 hours. temperatures coolest around santa rosa and half moon bay, warmest antioch 60, the rest of us 50s, light jacket weather as you step out. low to mid 50s monterey bay inland to salinas, 49 gilroy. partly cloudy, cooler today, multiple layers of clouds like over the the weekend, mid and upper level clouds, marine layer not even existent. clouds tonight, shower possible especially south around the monterey bay tuesday and with wednesday, today -- santa rosa four degrees cooler than yesterday. south bay upper 60s to low 70s. san jose average high this time of year about 78°, you are going to be eight degrees cooler than average today.
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mid 60s to 70 peninsula. low 60s coast today even with the sun, not too breezy, a little breeze in the afternoon, low to mid 60s downtown south san francisco, sausalito. beaches will see sun and clouds and low 60s. mid to upper 60s most of the east bay shore, 70 fremont. east bay valleys low to mid 70s, below average. mid to upper 60s monterey bay low to mid 60s morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. low tuesday and wednesday will increase cooling trend. chances best to the south once the logos within a couple hunt miles of -- once the low gets within a couple hundred miles of san francisco, look for waeurpling trend through the weekend. san jose, northbound 80,
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light company there, -- very light traffic northbound. bay bridge toll tight light heading into san francisco, no metering lights. traffic looking good on the upper deck into san francisco. couple of hot spots, southbound 280 at 101 in the city accident off the shoulder. problem eastbound 380 ramp to north 101 shutdown. if you are trying to get towards the airport, continue on and get off at south airway boulevard at the end of 380 and continue on to northbound 101. right now that ramp is shutdown due to an accident. nice drive north 101 near capital just go that accident out of the roadway on to the right shoulder in san jose. today on katie, a question a lot of people ask, is heaven real? she talks to people who say their close encounters with
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death have brought them into contact with god and the afterive life. hear incredible stories. -- liam neeson is king at the box office, taken 2 pulled in 50 million dollars in its debut weekend double the haul for the first film in 2009. hotel transylvania dropped to second, pitch perfect third, looper fell to fourth, liam neeson may be able to carry the box office some men in maine proved they can carry their relationships in real life. annual wife-carrying competition where men race to prove their worth. a finnish couple won for the fourth year in a row. their prize cash equal to five
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times the wife's weight. plus her weight in beer. lighter wife, easier to win then you don't get as much cash. >> weight in beer. woe on to him to who drops the wife with owning a slice of genius controversial letter from einstein going up for sale on ebay today. firefighter called to help deliver a baby. unexpected discovery he made when go to the home, coming up. -- when
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it's not too late to win $49,000. they've all entered through our facebook page you can enter too go to click the win $49,000 button that will take you to the page where you can fill out the entry form. we'll noun the winner october 18th, after the 49ers game. 5:26. letter written by albert einstein that dismisses the idea of god as a product of human weakness is going on the ebay auction block the letter was written in 1954 one year before einstein's death a collector is posting it ebay, asking three million dollars. if that is beyond your budget ebay has other original einstein letters selling for less than $100.
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a woman in massachusetts got the shock of her pregnancy when her unexpected labor turned into a family vent she was at her mother-in-law's home last friday when she went into labor she called 911 when firefighters got there, her husband's uncle was the first one through the door helped deliver her newborn son and they paid him back by naming the baby kevin after him. the firefighter will have time to spend with the baby he retires in a few months after 30 years on the job. special bond bet. 5:27. protesters go on vandalism spree. cleanup underway this morning who police say is behind the damage. murder mystery in the east bay. what the family of a hercules woman found dead in her home is doing to help find her killer. hundreds of thousands of people doesn'ted on san francisco this weekend. the record they helped set, coming up. no records here but cooler
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than average, here's a look at temperatures from low 60s coast, mid 60s to mid 70s inland with warmest weather in the east bay valleys. if you are traveling dress for fall, pack for fall, 50s and 60s east of the rockies. baltimore and ft. lauderdale right now are the two airports experiencing flight departure delays. rain right there heading towards atlanta and charlotte. could be delays if you are traveling through that way flight tracker alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ too bad the guys aren't here
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good monday morning. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. crews pan businesses are cleaning up this morning after protester went on a destructive rampage hitting city hall and key businesses. amy hollyfield is live to show
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us. >> reporter: check out city hall, they haven't boarded up the windows yet. there are two big holes in the doors of city hall. glass is everywhere. the damage is not limited to city hall here in oakland vandals went on attack last night, damaging at least six other buildings, including the police recruiting office and banks. they trashed four cars parked on franklin street. police say, they didn't have enough officers to deal with the unruly crowd. they were not prepared for this they to make due with what they had. >> we don't feel that we can safely approach that crowd of 250 without the officers getting hurt and also innocent civilians then we have to take a wait and watch type situation. >> reporter: they didn't have time to call in mutual aid this was over quickly. it started 6:00 last night,
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250 protest e -- protesters police say it started as an occupy oakland protest but did have an element of anti-war sentiment. city hall has a private security officer in front of the building. we saw several private security officers throughout downtown standing in front of businesses and buildings to keep a watch out. police say no one was hurt and no one was arrested. amy hollyfield, abc7 news >> we have breaking news from indonesia. a strong under sea quake has hit the eastern part of that nation. magnitude 6.3. there have been no immediate reports of damage or casualties. indonesia is prone to seismic upheaval due to its location on the pacific ring of fire volcanoes and faultlines ensure -- incision lynn the
5:34 am
pacific basin. -- report out this morning shows gas prices in san francisco average $4.74 for regular. in oakland and san jose, $4.68 a penny or two higher since yesterday. governor brown has ordered immediate action urging the selling of cheaper winter blend to start earlier. senator nine stein has asked the fed -- the ftc to investigate. this morning authorities in placer county are looking for the thieves who made off with $one -- with 1,000 gallons of gasoline in roseville outside of sacramento they disappeared a meter at a shell station and pumped 300 gallons into a pick-up truck. they came back twice for additional 700 gallons. the owner says he's out about
5:35 am
$4500. oakland land police trying to solve mystery of a dead body found in a parked car. no word on the man's name or manner of death. first nobel prizes of the year being announced in sweden this morning. two winners in medicine. the committee says the two have revolutionize the understanding of how cells and organisms develop. other awards will be announced throughout the week. president obama making a last dash for campaign cash in california before the november election arriving in the bay area later today. parking restrictions and no stopping signs are springing
5:36 am
up outside the inter-continental in san francisco. the president will host event at 4:00, then move on to the auditorium at 5 for fundraising concert. he spoke to thousands at the nokia theater in los angeles last night. he came on stage after performances. he says he marvels at how they performed flawlessly night after night but cannot say the same for himself, poking finance at his performance in the debate with mitt romney. more on the latest poll coming up. fleet week wraps up today with tours of ships from the u.s. navy, coast guard and royal canadian navy. they start at 9:00 this morning, will draw big crowds. weekend performances by the blue angels, america's cup and hardly strictly bluegrass
5:37 am
festival drew massive crowds to san francisco. bart ridership hit record highs saturday over 319,000, compared to normal 200,000. topped the record set in september 2007 when the bay bridge was closed for three sporting events. [ unintelligible ] boy was the weather cooperating over the weekend. >> you cannot have asked for any better in terms of viewing blue angels. definitely beautiful over the weekend nice to see san francisco and the bay area shine so much on so many different channels, football, the america's cup or baseball, absolutely fantastic. pride of this weekend. half mile visibility in santa rosa with fog everybody else okay. calm around santa rosa, i don't expect it to move much
5:38 am
watch out on 101 near santa rosa some could be developing around 101 as it does this time of the year. light breeze out of the south at sfo, there is an onshore component to our wind today thanks to this area of low pressure, to get back to -- today cooler tan yesterday, 40s and -- mid 50s at 7:00, warm slowly temperatures in the upper 50s at the coast mid to upper 60s bay and inland by noon, low 60s at the coast by 4:00, upper 60s to low 70s bay and inland sweater weather returns for 7:00, upper 50s to near 60 coast into the bay, 66 at 7:00 inland. next three days we have a chance of showers mainly in the south, around monterey bay and further south tuesday and wednesday, slow warming trend
5:39 am
will start thursday. time for traffic update. happy monday. columbus day, light at the bay bridge toll, minor delay for cash paying folks otherwise no other delays into san francisco. all mass transit on time. couple problem spots eastbound 380 to north 101 ramp shutdown due to accident. continue on eastbound 380 to south airport boulevard or north access road to get back on to northbound 101 if you are going to sfo this does not affect you. south 101 yerba buena san jose accident blocking lane eastbound 152 east of gilroy big rig stalled at dinosaur point blocking right lane. there's a problem southbound pleasant hill road between spring hill and deer hill, overnight accident wires down that shutdown, take geary to 680 to get back to highway 24 waze app is a great way to show you alternate routes
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the family of a hercules woman found stabbed to death in her home will hold a vigil tonight at 8:30. 55-year-old susie ko was found dead in her home friday night. they are launching social media effort to find her killer and asking to you keep an eye out for her subaru outback. a neighbor discovered her body after getting word she never showed up at oakland airport to pick up her husband. >> it is hard talking about her, i want to break down every time i think about her but i'm focused on calling for action and focusing on finding this car and person who did it. >> the pharmacy linked to -- pardon me i'm sorry, her children suspect the person or people responsible entered the house through an unmarked sliding door knowing she was
5:44 am
often home alone. the pharmacy to a deadly outbreak of financing gal meningitis is voluntarily recalling all -- fungal meningitis is voluntarily recalling all of its products at least seven people have died. the new england compounding center issued the recall out of caution. the fda has issued an alert to the medical community not to use the company's products. four facilities in california are among those that received shipments of potentially contaminated drugs. cdc lists cyprus surgery center and ukiah valley medical center where patients could have been exposed. other california clinics are in palmdale and encino. rampant fraud in california's recycling program costing the state tens of millions. people in nevada and arizona drive chance across the border to collect on deposits that were never paid.
5:45 am
see cyclists claim redemptions for the same containers several times over. the government estimates the cost of fraud at 40 million dollars per year. experts say it is more like 200 million dollars a year. next time you buy juice at the store, you may be squeezed for extra money. bloomberg business report, next. trouble for tsa. what an uncover investigation discovered about security seenings. -- >> blast off, resupply america to the international space station underway and how you can catch a glimpse of the station in the bay area. freak accident at hot-air balloon festival. fight at a wedding. more about that coming up. ah.
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welcome back. temperatures well below average low 60s coast into san francisco mid 60s to 70 around the bay upper 60s to mid 70s inland. checking around the state, live doppler quiet but it will get more active towards tomorrow and wednesday into thursday. today sunshine and clouds mid to upper 70s big sur,
5:49 am
sacramento, chico, los angeles, yosemite. fresno 83, palm springs 94. 5:49. there's a surprising new report out this morning about the work of tsa screeners. report says screeners at newark liberty airport in new jersey properly executed pat-downs on passengers less than 17% of the time. they identified and took appropriate action on banned items only 25% of the time. the report was compiled by undercover teams of tsa agents over several months. tsa says it will use the report to improve practices at all airports around the country. this morning commercial supply ship headed to the international space station. >> 2, 1 liftoff! >> california-based spacex launched last night the capsule carrying 1,000 pounds
5:50 am
of supplies including ice cream. dragon set to reach the space station wednesday the first of 12 resupply missions for spacex. nasa is relying on private business since the shuttles are all retired. weather permitting, you will be able to see the space station over the bay area tonight nasa website has a section where you can check the time in san francisco tonight look up at 8:31 p.m.. it will appear as a bright star moving slowly across the sky. you can catch it tomorrow night at 7:42. unfavorable weather in new mexico will delay an attempt to set record for extreme skydiving from 120,000 feet above the earth. we last saw the austrian daredevil in july when he used a giant balloon to lift his space pod to the edge of space 96,000 feet high then jumped
5:51 am
out free fall lasted nearly four minutes. he released his parachute and finished the 18 mile skydive standing up. tomorrow he hopes to break the sound barrier with jut his body current record is health by his coach retired air force colonel. >> joe suffered frostbite on the way down he was falling so long. they thought he broke he sound the barrier but they revised that. >> i skydiving one time 10,000 feet. this is -- >> he was 10 times that high. >> yeah. we'll check in with mike. here's a look outside, looking down from vollmer peak, emeryville in the foreground, bay bridge, towards san francisco, fairly clear, a little fog around santa rosa, otherwise live doppler is clear of clouds and radar returns. we'll be watching monterey bay
5:52 am
and south tomorrow into wednesday for any radar returns out of this area of low pressure as it not only brings us cooler weather but the threat of some showers in those areas. just updated these coolest around napa, santa rosa and half moon bay mid to upper 40s there, low to mid 50s until you go antioch at 60, 49 los gatos, 48 gilroy. closer to the bay temperatures low 50s. partly cloudy, cooler again today well below average a few clouds possible tonight you will be able to see the space station easily. showers possible south of the bay area monterey bay and south tuesday and wednesday. fremont 70, san francisco 62. concord, oakland, san jose three degrees cooler, we lose another two minutes and 22 seconds of sun today. upper 60s to low 70s south bay, 70 redwood city and loss --
5:53 am
los altos many low 60s coast, light breeze and sunshine low to mid 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito. low 60s at beaches. mainly mid to upper 60s east bay shore fremont 70 inland low to mid 70s warmest east bay valleys. monterey bay mid to upper 60s. tonight more 40s around napa, santa rosa, cloverdale. half moon bay 50. rest of us in the low to mid 50s. area of low pressure off the coast bringing chance of shower to our south and coolest arounds tuesday and wednesday, slight warming trend thursday better warming trend saturday, sunday. good morning. if your drive takes you through the waldo tunnel to the golden gate bridge light all four lanes configured no problem fog-free as well no
5:54 am
drizzle on the road. same with the san mateo bridge, clear you will fan a little heavier traffic westbound towards the highrise towards san mateo and foster city a little sluggish up the highrise eastbound good, pick up 6:00 this morning. east 380 and north 101 earlier accident blocking that ramp that accident again in the back-up another fender-bender eastbound you can get to north 101 now but very slow from 280 to 101. south 101 san jose yerba buena accident still blocking a lane. headed towards hollister eastbound 152 east of gilroy, dinosaur point stalled big rig blocking rate lane. south 101 at whipple accident blocking rate line there. -- blocking right lane there. apple juice prices may be leaving a sour in your mouth.
5:55 am
>> here's jane king. good morning. they may keep the doctor away but not going to be very good for your budget. apple prices about to climb as much as a dollar a pound warm early spring followed by cold snap nipped the crop in the bud. apple juice prices may surge 20%. big week on wall street alcoa unofficially kicks off fresh earnings season tomorrow. if you in a big hurry, here's something that might steer away from burger king. drive-thrus are the if the business according to report, wendy's has the fastest, followed by taco bell, mcdonald's comes in fifth out of seven. of view.
5:56 am
this is amazing, scary too. convenience store clerk got the closest call of his life after a driver came crashing through the front door of the store. the store's camera caught it on tape, truck through the front door of this liquor store in carmichael. it pinned aúcmkyr'ed employee behind the counter luckily he only suffered a few bumps and scratches place arrested the driver for drunk driving. hot-air balloon festival in arizona had scary moments one balance boon caught fire during -- one balloon caught fire. it was being filled up with propane when the tether rope snapped and caused flames to ignite. pilot steered the balloon away from the crowd. it landed half mile away. no one was injured. take a look, fight broke out between two dining room wedding parties at a philadelphia hotel yesterday.
5:57 am
yeah, it was posted on youtube, police had to get involved, dozens of guests involved. police had to use batons and tasers to break up this may hraeufpl a 57-year-old uncle of -- this melee. a appier old uncle of one of the brides suffered a heart attack and died. next, more information is coming out about the rumored ipad mini, what we are learning. relief could be on the way for sky high gas prices. help that may be coming all bay area
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